Criminal Litigation

Our firm provides specialised advice on economic crimes, tax crimes, cybercrime, violation of anti-corruption laws, assets laundering, violations of both industrial and intellectual property laws, environmental crimes, sexual crimes, traffic accidents, and negligence cases, among others.

Considering the above, we provide advice as defence attorneys and plaintiffs, representing people, companies, and public institutions. Thus, we develop our services bearing the judicial level as well as extrajudicial, carrying out investigations within companies and public organizations, generating crime prevention strategies, and legal reports to deliver a holistic service.

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Labour Disputes

We provide our clients specialised advice on labour law, to achieve a complete compliance with labour and social security regulations.

Moreover, our law firm considers representation and defence in labour lawsuits, related to unfair dismissals, labour relationships, violation of fundamental rights, self-dismissal, work accidents, anti-union practices, claims on administrative penalties, among others.

Likewise, our clients have representation in administrative instances under Law Inspection and the opportunity to have advise in other practise areas.

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Family Disputes

In terms of family disputes, our study offers personalised and specialised advice on conflict-solving considering the sensitivity and uniqueness that this area require.

Our firm provides personalised advice in conflict-solving related to alimony proceedings, direct and regular relationships (visits), divorces, declaration of family property, authorization for the sale of minors’ assets, authorization for minor children to leave the country, protection measures, domestic violence, among others.

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Other Practise Areas

Considering that our purpose is to guarantee a comprehensive service, our team advises on matters of strategic communication, innovation development and creativity projects. At the same time, we work with different alliances in areas such as Civil Law, Inheritance Law, Real Estate Law, and so on.

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